B i o g r a p h y

From a young age Michael had a natural affinity to music. As he grow older, so did his love for music. Michael started working on numerous personal compositions. His central philosophy for musical composition is that "music is storytelling. Its emotion at its best. Whether its sadness, fear, joy or hope, music can embody what we already feel, not tell us how to feel it." Those who hear his music certainly feel it. Soon Michael’s love for film and art moved him into the world of film composition, where welcomed challenges came his way. Michael has worked with numerous filmmakers and forged lasting relationships. From full out scores to simple backdrop music, Michael has used his creative talents to the full on every piece. Truly, though, his music speaks for itself. See here




Film Scores (partial list):


One Day (link)

Occam’s Razor

Out (link)

One Day (Documentary)

Jane (link coming soon)

The Wedding

Our Hands

Unreleased 2011 Documentary

Unreleased 2011 Drama





Go (link - scroll down)

Nature At Play


I'm Here 

Unreleased spot 2011



Other Music Works (partial list):


The Shapes By Michael Warren (coming 2011)


I’m Here

The Knocturnal Album